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Join the GameNyte journey full steam ahead with All Content Passes for you and three other people you'd like to get on board. An All Content Pass unlocks all the content released in 2021 and 2022.

As a bonus, you get the Exclusive Founder Portrait Frame to ornament your profile picture.

GameNyte is the worlds first platform for local multiplayer games: digital games which you play with friends and family just like a regular tabletop game. 

The Platform has an early access release December 2021, where you will receive a code that lets you unlock your purchase.

The First Games

Tales of Alethrion
By Mikkel Mainz

Fight as one of the mighty heroes (or beings!) of the Tales of Alethrion universe in this free-for-all arena dice game. Warm up with the animated series here!
2-7 players, age 8+

Totally Human
By Kasper Lapp

Are you and your group up to the task of making a group of aliens look totally human so they can infiltrate earth without a problem? 
2-10 players, age 8+

Lost Expedition
By Ole Steiness

You and your fellow explorers are stranded in the wilderness and must survive until the rescue party arrives. Strange beasts are moving ever closer. And to make matters worse there may be a traitor in your group! 
3-7 players, age 10+

Many more to come!


The frist add-ons will be available in December 2021 when the platform releases for early access. The rest will be available as they are released throughout 2022. 

Please note: The platform and games are still in early development, and therefore the digital content described here is subject to change.

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